Patient care

Guidelines of Visitors

Visitor Policy in the hospital:-

  • Visitors to patients in the hospital are a part and parcel of the everyday activity in a hospital. This also adds to the emotional support and well-being of a patient especially so in the Indian society.

IPD Visiting Hours:

  • Morning:- 8.00 AM-9.30 AM
  • Evening:- 2.00PM-4.00 PM
  • Dos and Don’ts for Visitors:

  • Visitors are allowed to attend to their patients only during the visiting hours of the hospital.
  • Only two adult visitors shall be allowed at a time to meet the patient. Others may kindly wait in the waiting area till their turn comes.
  • Visitors below 12 years are not allowed in the hospital. (In view of the infection control measures.)
  • Other than the general wards, the visitors need to put on the gown, change foot wear or wear shoe covers while entering the ICUs and other restricted areas.
  • They are to follow the instructions given by the nursing staff of the area before entering.
  • Visitors are to wash their hands or may use hand rub before and after visiting the patient.
  • Only one attendant (male or female) is allowed to stay with the patient.
  • Attendant Pass will be issued by the front desk at the entrance after confirmation of admission, which shall be checked by the security personnel wherever necessary.
  • Visitors are to comply with the ‘No Smoking’, ‘No smearing of lime’, ‘Tobacco Free Zone’ and ‘No Tips to Hospital Staff’ policies of the hospital.
  • Visitors are also requested to make no noise so that patients and others are not disturbed.
  • Visitors Policy for Isolation Ward:

  • Educating and instructing the visitors to patients in isolation are often very tiring and time consuming; yet it is essential in view of infection control aspect in the hospital.
  • At the time of admission of the patient itself, the relatives and friends should be informed of the importance of having fewer visitors and also the measures to be taken while visiting the patient.
  • The responsibility of imparting health education to the relatives, friends as well as the patient lies on the doctors and nurses taking care of the patient.
  • The patient and the relatives should be explained about the disease-its cause, mode of contact/spread of infection and the preventive measures. They should be informed of the need for restriction of visitors.
  • Visitors below 12 years are not allowed in isolation areas and also in the hospital in other patient care areas
  • Not more than two adult visitors are allowed at a time to visit during the visiting hours. However the duration of their visit may be governed by the patients need as per the assessment of the nursing staff
  • As per the hospital policy, only one attendant (female or male) is allowed.
  • All visitors are to report at the Nursing Station for instructions and materials for barrier precaution.
  • Visitor’s footwear, bags etc. should be left outside the room. Only articles that can be disinfected, sterilized and discarded may be taken inside the room.
  • Visitors are not allowed to sit on the patient’s bed.
  • Visitors should wash their hands before entering and on leaving the room.
  • Active immunization of the attendants and other staff along with the required follow-up must be taken care of by the Consultant In-charge.

  • In case of any query, visitors may seek help from the nursing staff, doctors or other staff of the floor.